Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

The U.S. capital is the perfect place to visit in the Spring when you want to witness one of nature’s greatest creations: the cherry blossom tree. Every spring, hundreds upon hundreds of cherry trees burst into full-bearing, brilliant hues on the National Mall and Tidal Basin. And every year, Washington D.C.’s city centre is the best place to go to experience America’s biggest annual blooming flower show. If you’re going on a holiday to Washington, D.C., this is where you want to spend your time.

When it comes to finding the best time to head to Washington D.C., the cherry blossoms bloom late spring through early fall. But if you don’t like flowers, you can always drive down to the closest national park, zoo or aquarium and pick some up. Some may not be open on Wednesdays, so it’s best to check early. In addition, National Parks Service offices will not be open on the weekends; so, if you plan on going on the weekend, you’ll have to coordinate with a local office to book a tour or guided tour.

Washington D.C.’s historic National Mall is perhaps the best place to go and witness cherry blossoms in person. There are quite a few public parks where you can walk the grounds and look at all the trees and plants. Though they’re beautiful, the plants and trees in the mall are often farmed for decoration rather than to provide nutrients to the soil. If you’d rather not view these flowers up close, there are quite a few free museums that allow you to look at the beautiful trees and flowers up close. They’re also a great place to find some unique souvenirs to take home with you.

Cherry blossoms are also popular at several government parks. The U.S. Park Service has a list of several of these parks. At the George Washington National Airport, you can visit what is probably the largest park within the Smithsonian Museum. Other popular parks include San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium and Fort Lee, Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson National Park. Many people visit these parks between Memorial Day and July 4th to enjoy the early blooms of summer.

Some people might visit Washington D.C.’s Dulles Arboretum, which is the largest public arboretum in the entire country. Dulles is located along the Potomac River and is lined with beautiful trees and bushes that are cultivating for many years to produce the nearly ubiquitous tulips and roses that line the park. A trip along the Dulles Parkway, one of the most famous car-free roads in America, might also lead to a sighting of the brilliant yellow and white yoshino cherry trees. There are, of course, other spectacular cherry tree blooming locations in D.C., but this is perhaps the region’s most well-known.

One of the things that many people never think about is the time of year that they should be seeing the beautiful blossoms. Some bloom in spring, some in summer, and others in late fall. Some trees do not flower in winter. Depending on where you live, your preferred time of year might be an important factor when choosing the perfect spot for your blooms. If you’re planning a trip to the Washington area in April or later, you’re sure to find a beautiful place to see the flowers that you love.

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