Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

Bixby Bridge on highway One, near the Rocky Big Sur coastline, of the Pacific Ocean California, USA.

A Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful route through the beautiful region of Oregon that covers the Washington State Range and the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Pacific Coast Highway provides an easy means to explore all the beautiful sights that this area has to offer. It is considered by many, to be the best scenic and adventurous route in all of the United States.

This Pacific Coast Highway route is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife on a one-of-a-kind journey. There is no other place in the US where you can see such a diversity of wildflowers blooming, such an incredible variety of birds singing, and such a wide variety of landscapes. The Pacific Coast Highway is a spectacular and inspiring way to travel through these natural wonders. You will see vast stretches of wild beach, forests, meadows, and rugged mountains covered with lush plants, and rugged mountain peaks studded with pine trees.

The Pacific Coast Highway is the ideal place for those who love the outdoors, nature, and the wonderful coast line. There are few places in the US where you can experience such a diverse array of natural sights, vegetation, animals, and fauna. The scenery of this route is very striking and offers some amazing opportunities for wildlife observation. Hikers and travelers can enjoy hiking, cycling, camping, and scenic traveling.

The Pacific Highway is not the only way to experience this stunning Pacific Northwest experience, however. A more traditional road trip is also available that takes visitors to popular locations such as Mt. Shasta, Washington State’s famous Mount Shasta Snow Camp and Shasta Lake. Camping at one of Shasta’s many campgrounds allows you to stay in the forest and experience the peace and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Another way to experience the Pacific Northwest, and a Pacific Highway that everyone should take, is on the Salmon Pass Highway. This route is less than an hour from Seattle and allows visitors to view some of the most beautiful views in the country. The drive is not always the easiest on the road, but it provides views of the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Shasta. You will also pass through three mountain towns that are home to some of the wineries and vineyards in the area. This route is less congested than the Pacific Coast Highway, making it a great weekend getaway or a week-long road trip.

No matter which route you choose to get to your destination, you will find yourself awestruck by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It truly is the “land of giants.” No matter how you decide to travel, the experience will be one you will never forget.

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