Month: May 2021

The Best Weekend Getaways

Every year, thousands of tourists from around the globe flock to the beautiful State of Florida to enjoy a weekend of sunshine and beach fun. Florida is one of the best vacation spots on earth and offers a vast array of activities, attractions, and scenery for visitors to explore. Although the sun and sand are what make Florida a top vacation spot, the climate and top notch quality of the hospitality in Florida are equally appealing. Whether you are traveling with a large family or an intimate group of friends, you will not be disappointed with the quality of services offered by hotels in Florida. Whether you prefer to stay in one of the many top-notch hotels or find a bed and breakfast in the sunshine state, you will be able to find the perfect getaway during your trip to Florida.

If you prefer to stay close to the action, New York City nightlife is also a great choice when planning your best weekend getaways. With major theater venues such as Broadway, Times Square, and a massive electronic billboard on 47th Street, New York City is a haven for shoppers, celebrities, and a slew of other entertainers who call the Big Apple home. Many of the most popular hotels in New York City are located in the midtown area, which is just steps from shopping, restaurants, and nightclubs.

For those interested in experiencing a bit of culture without getting lost in the many streets and alleys of New York City, there are a number of museums to visit while you’re in town. One of the most notable institutions of the New York State is the New York Historical Association, which is open every day, from the first Sunday of the month to the last on Thanksgiving. In addition to enjoying this invaluable collection of photographs and relics from New York’s rich past, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds the grounds, including trails through the parks that New York State has created.

New England is another popular destination when it comes to weekend getaways. As the name would imply, this region is filled with everything New England is known for, from large cities to small villages filled with history and culture. Visitors can start their journey in Boston, Massachusetts, and head east towards the Canadian border. While in the area, it might be fun to take in some of the famous old buildings in New England, like the American Museum of Natural History or the Science Museum of Massachusetts in Boston. Along the way, visitors may also consider stopping in the towns of Portland, Maine, which are home to other notable attractions. Because traveling from New York City to Boston can be difficult, if at all possible, a car rental in New England may be a wise choice.

For something truly memorable, New York City can’t be beat when it comes to museums and historical sites. One of the best weekend getaways from NYC to Boston is the Adler Planetarium, where one can learn more about how the earth works. Another great option is the Science Museum of Minnesota, which features an array of educational exhibits on various topics, including earth, science, space, and medicine. For those interested in history, there’s the New York Historical Association, where one can learn much more about famous battles, cultures, and people. For those interested in traveling, hopping on a commuter train can allow tourists to visit both regions in one trip.

New York City has much to offer tourists interested in weekend getaways. Among the options available, there are museums, beaches, and restaurants, along with sightseeing tours and trips to the Catskills. When planning a trip to the area, it’s important to make sure that one includes transportation to get around and to various destinations. New York City does offer both bus service and a subway system, which allow visitors to make their own hotel reservations and make a comfortable stay.

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